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Hello world!!

Welcome to my personal Mad Hatter’s tea party. Here we will have fun and explore the deeper world of personal perspective.

As an author or writer or whatever it is you want to call me, I love to explore new worlds, whether written by me or not. Now, I do not profess to be the perfect writer for everyone or a perfect writer at all, but I will try to make it interesting and entertaining,

Now, to introduce myself. You know the name so now you can know the person, at least superficially. I have not ever been good at describing myself or constructing a short concise description of my writings. ‘Synopsis’ is my least favorite word, but here I will try to be informative and concise.

All About Me

“Writing is my favorite hobby. Music is my muse. History is my passion. Teaching is my love. My family owns my heart. Broadcasting is the job I never explored and one day I’ll figure out how the private investigation certificate fits into all of this.”

I like to read, of course, and when I’m not writing, I am researching history, one of my favorite subjects. Researching allows me to rewrite history in my speculative fiction novels. Accuracy is something I value in my work.

In my spare time, I enjoy quilting and sewing, hanging out with my kids and teaching. As someone who has volunteered my time with children often, I value their creative space and love to help them express it. I also teach classes to adults.

Not always a teacher, I love to learn and learn I do. I have certificates in Radio & TV Broadcasting, Private Investigation & Security and am working on one in Antiques. As history was my original major, I know how to learn about anything although research is not my favorite task.

When I’m not dreaming up new book ideas in the fantasy and speculative fiction genres, I am writing non-fiction (ghost writing), unschooling my kids, watching crime procedurals or playing Hunt A Killer with my husband. He says I have an unhealthy fascination with serial killers and their psychology, war artillery and military strategy.

My favorite time periods to research are World War II and any civil war. If you ask me, I was born in the wrong country as I am obsessed with Canadian and British television. My kids say I can spot whether an American show is American or Canadian made by the actors and producers on the show. Often you will find me logged onto my VPN attempting to watch shows in other countries. When I can’t tune those in, I’ll be watching mysteries on my favorite mystery network.

I have a collection of shoes larger than I ever intended because I am unable to wear 90% of them. My clothes are meant for comfort not style and my hair is very often multiple unnatural colors.

My current venture to help others – I started a publishing house. Not traditional, not boutique, not vanity, not just services. We are a mentor/development publishing house. Do we know what that means exactly? No. But if you ask me, I am always willing to explain.

Born and raised in Utah – the year is irrelevant. Three children, two marriages (still on the second one), one debilitating car accident (year also irrelevant), some other crazy stuff later and now a world seen through different eyes every day. Important fact – not LDS (Mormon). My husband only has one wife (me). My children are pretty typical while my pregnancies were not. My memoir would be funny but probably not new by most standards. I haven’t written it yet, but maybe I should. Perhaps it’s a little premature for that.

Tried to write children’s books when I was younger to no avail. So, I started to write content on the web. Which led to freelance opportunities in writing and editing. Still at a loss on how to edit my own work. This led to a few small ghostwriting gigs for non-fiction content. Lots of fun writing other people’s stuff but I still had so many stories swirling in my head.

In 2014, I discovered NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writers Month) where you are challenged to write a book in 30 days. Is this possible, I dare say yes, but it’s a draft and as such is usually riddled with the crazy stuff writers exclude from later drafts. The first book I published (or am in the process of depending on when this is being read) came from my first foray with NANOWRIMO. So I highly recommend it. Great community of writers and so much support you can’t help but finish.

With that, I leave you to dream up the rest. Fill in the blanks as you will. I will certainly be back to edit and change this portion of the page as life continues and my hope is you check back for future surprises.

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