Marketing Mind Shift

When you hear or read the word marketing, what is your initial knee jerk reaction? I have heard answers across the board. Some want to run and hide while others feel immediately overwhelmed. Still more wonder if they can become that sleazy salesperson they remember from childhood who sold their parent a vacuum cleaner, make-up or car. Can you relate?

If there is one thing we misunderstand when it comes to marketing, it is relating it to the sleazy salesperson. The person you don’t want to be or feel gross attempting to be. So, let’s make this easier for everyone involved.

The one thing we need to recognize is this – marketing is no longer the realm of sales. With the emergence of the internet and social media over the last twenty years, marketing has come to a different table. Those of us sitting on the conversation of sales are sitting at the wrong table.

Join me at the new table!

The truth is, marketing is about sales but it doesn’t use that base idea in order to achieve sales anymore. Marketing is now about building a foundation of trust. It’s targeted at the idea of cultivating a relationship, a very close relationship with a product or person so your target audience feels they can trust it.

Stop throwing your product at people and start cultivating a relationship. It takes four to seven interactions to convert an idle observer into a purchaser, if they’re even in the market for your product at all.

How do you know if they’re in the market for your product? That’s another post for another time. Concentrate on changing your marketing approach with this mind shift and a bit later, I’ll tell you what to do with it.


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