5 Pros & Cons for Each Publishing Route – Series

This is an introduction to a series of articles I will be posting here and on my Medium page for my fellow authors to read –



There are many articles out there about the pros and cons of traditional publishing but many are just lists with no explanation as to why things fall on one side as opposed to another. Even more frustrating can be the misleading information as articles are slanted one way or the other based on the author’s intentions.

The fine print truth is the industry changes so rapidly right now, there are few constants. I have picked the constants from each route to publishing to make it easier for you to make the choice.

Here, I have tried to do a series of objective articles looking at the facts of each situation while giving you tips and tricks and/or your actual options for each way you can publish. Hopefully, this makes the choice easier and you can better decide which path is right for you.

In this series, I will be comparing the top five perceived pros and cons of each option with an explanation as to how it falls on that side of the list. Many of the pros and cons may be the same between options. I do this to highlight their similarity because it’s hard to compare things if there is absolutely nothing similar about them.

Read on my fellow writers to learn something new or review something old. Knowledge is power –


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