Book Writing – The Thankless Part

Perusing is a favorite pastime of mine. As a chronic homebody and introvert, I find social media an outreach of contact which I may find to anxiety ridden in a face to face scenario. So, I ran across a promoted post – “So you’ve written a book. Now what?”

I am not a first time author or writer in any sense of the word. Most of my work does not have my byline, but I have been writing for years. Still, for me, I am a first time published author (or soon to be). And that is a daunting task. Everyone wants to tell me I should pound the pavement and find someone who is a professional in the industry. I disagree.

As an early career author who has actually been a writer for well over a decade, I can say this. When you decide to go from ghostwriter/content writer to attempting actually publishing your first work, WOW the work involved. More than I ever anticipated.

First, you must get past all the gatekeepers. The publishing house, the agent, the editor. And if you can’t get past those, then there are the next set of obstacles involved in self publishing. Creating your own imprint (which I highly recommend), formatting books, getting them to distribution outlets, and figuring out all the illusive marketing that goes into it.

A bit of a headache – yes.

As I swirl through this storm of crazy things, I am finding the self publishing process can be overwhelming, a good plan is a great path to walk down. I decided early on that I hate rejection. I have been rejected before and it doesn’t bother me when people say no. I just don’t want to go through it. I would rather self-publish and see if someone finds me.

So how do I get this done in a way that will cause commercial success, even just a little bit? After tons of talks with my partner and lots of self-evaluation, I decided I needed one professional – a publicist. This can be more difficult to find than other things. Publicists can teach you how to market, give you the tools and continue to help you at the same time. Making marketing less of a stress and more of something you can actually do.

There are so many aspects to marketing a book. It used to be simple. You write a book. You send it to a publishing house. They say yes or no and you repeat until you get a yes. Then the publisher helps you publish and market the books in newspapers and with in person book tours. Then you sold books.

Today, there is so much information and so much media, it’s difficult to know where to start and what will work within these new boundaries. I figured a publicist could help me through that. They are still telling me I am crazy to self publish, but I am excited for the prospect and even if I don’t completely succeed, I will have learned many things along the way.

I will keep you in the loop as the process continues…

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