Are you an advocate?

So, I guess I should take the time to really introduce myself in case anyone is really interested. At the moment, I am a many things but first and foremost, I am a mom and wife. This makes me an advocate for many reasons.

I have a teenage daughter. Right now, she’s preparing to go back to school and learning how to drive a motor vehicle. Scary right. I am an advocate for her in many ways. I help her to learn how to stand up for and protect herself. Then there are all the ways I try to advocate for her future through consent campaigns and protests against rising interest rates and student loans. I do this because it will most immediately affect her.

I also have a 9 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. They are both on the autism spectrum, closely related to the now tossed out term Asperger’s Syndrome. I unschool them as best as I can knowing that self regulation isn’t something they completely understand. In advocating for better education, freedom of choice, better healthcare and just being treated fairly in general, I show them I will fight for them no matter what!

And last but not least, my loverly husband. I do care for him deeply. He is also on the spectrum which makes things challenging sometimes. How do you advocate for a grown person? There are many ways. I do keep people from taking advantage of him. When they try, I really put myself in the middle and take the grunt of their anger. I help him learn how to communicate and function better in a world he struggles to understand.

I advocate for people you wouldn’t think I advocate for – like my ex mother in law. I know, it sounds crazy but it works for me. Strange as it may seem, my ex keeps control over her by controlling her access to his children. And she allows it. So, while not enabling him, I allow her to see our daughter at her convenience, as long as it works with our schedule. I keep to myself that she does shower my other kids from my second husband with attention. And there are occasions every year where I have to drive her to take her to see her family, like their reunion last weekend. Because this woman is still my daughter’s family.

There are probably lots of others that I advocate for, but I can’t name them all here.

How are you an advocate – even if you didn’t think you were…

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