Awe – The American Language

Sometimes I wonder why I am driven to write. It is excruciating sometimes – critics and the lay people can be so harsh. I am not sure why that is the case. I can be a turtle without a shell when it comes to my writing. Perhaps that’s why I never did much with my skill. Maybe I just don’t have thick enough skin to handle this. Then I wonder how much I have been bursting at the seams to just type something. To play on words. To create a riveting story.

Then I wonder if I have the skill, the talent and the time to develop. Oh – that’s the scary part. The skill is not necessarily something that can be completely taught. Some people have developed their skill and shared it with the world in the way of publishing their works. Most say the written word is dead. It all has to be digital – books will go to the wayside and all forms of communication will become something online.

What a scary future!!!

However, there is something to be said for good content on the web. It is lacking good, edited content. I know this because as I search for freelance opportunities, I want to shoot the computer screen because it hurts my head to try and read it. Has anyone else noticed that the American (because we don’t live in the UK) language is being massacred. No wonder kids are having trouble learning to read. It hurts too much to try.

Between text, hashtags, tweets and shortened speech, it’s hardly recognizable. I am okay with the slang that catches in most generations – groovy, awesome with the wrong meaning and words as such, but how hard is it to say or type the word feelings? What the heck does cra cra mean? And how is that shorter than crazy? I honestly and simply don’t understand. And I definitely don’t speak emoji.

While kids begin to think less and the education system continues to fail, what are we to do? As parents, we get stuck in the crazy and try to clean up the mess when it explodes. Shouldn’t there be a better way? Why can’t we all just get along?

Seriously though – here we are discussing the massacre of American speech and yet we have no solutions.

When your kids speak in text speech or emoji – correct them. Don’t allow them to be lazy.

I have no idea how we arrived here, but that’s the beauty of writing. Sometimes you end up somewhere completely different from where you started. And nowhere near where you thought you would at the end.

That’s all for my crazy rantings. Leave your opinion at the beep.


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